Friday, July 17, 2009

a successful day

I just got an an anthology on prayer by Andrew Murray off Amazon. It is actually a compilation of books. They are written in daily reading sized chunks and have been totally uplifting, The first book is Abide in Christ. What a simple command Jesus gave us, to abide in Him. Murray points out that this is not "law" but grace, a waiting upon God for Him to will and work inside us. The Christian life is easy when we abide in Him, we make it hard when we insist on doing things our own way.
The other day I was reflecting on Mary and Martha. Martha was busy doing so many things for the Lord while Mary sat still listening at Jesus' feet. After all that work, Mary, not Martha was the one who was commended. She was the one simply abiding. There is one catch though, we need to give the Lord some of that precious time of ours so that we can meditate upon His thoughts, and still our souls before Him. In this hectic non-stop world, are we willing to make room for the Saviour in our day so that we can have His peace, joy and meaningfulness in our life?

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