Saturday, October 27, 2012

To God be the Glory

Last night I watched my last child graduate from nursing school. I was so proud as I watched him march with his class, carrying his candle, symbolizing the lantern that Florence Nightingale bore so long ago. When the pianist played Pachelbel's Canon as the graduates walked the stage for diplomas and pins, I could not hold back my tears. But they were tears of joy. And tears filled with happy memories. I remember the love he had for a yellow stray cat named Sam, a little dog on his paper route named Toby, the friendships he made with his customers as a news carrier...

This son has a special compassion within him, bestowed by Christ, that was evidenced to me when he was a little boy, and to his instructors as he performed patient care, as a student nurse. He used this same care while working as an EMT previously.

Yet I say, "To God be the glory." He grew up learning the Bible from the time he was very small. I had the privilege of homeschooling this child. Homeschooling is not always a bed of roses. Yet it was fulfilling. He used to come at night and say, "Thanks for teaching me" before he went to bed when he was little.

Now he has his own sweet wife, a home, and two cats to boot. He also got hired at the same hospital where he trained. Life is shaping up well for my boy. He has always honored us as his parents. I think God took that seriously, in the day and age where many kids are dissing their parents. In Deuteronomy 5: 16, many blessings are promised to the one who does so.

To God be the glory. In the book of Proverbs (22:6) we parents are told that if we train up a child in the way he should go, that even when he is old he will not depart from it. In the case of some children, we may have to wait a long time, but in this case I am blessed to say I didn't have to wait.

I have been through manifold shadowy trials in my journey through life. This is one sunny spot on my pathway. Thanks for letting me share it with you...


  1. So happy for your joy Megan. My son also is in nursing school. We are blessed to have children who are interested in helping others. I too home schooled for the seventh grade. May your blessings continue to grow, and ripple out in to the world. God Bless

  2. Thank you Susan, for stopping by! What year is your son in? This program was extremely difficult, but they have 100% passing rate on the boards. I wish your son all the best. Male nurses are in great demand these days. God bless you and yours, Megan

  3. What a beautiful thought. We are so lucky to have you!!

  4. Well thank you Wise Wife! What a happy night it was for all of us and that we will cherish in our memories.

  5. Dear Megan,
    I am very proud of your son and of your whole family for encouraging him in his life and setting a good example of following in God's path.
    Celebrate with him!
    God is smiling down on him and you.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Joan,
      Thank you Joan! I appreciate you stopping by and your good wishes for my son. He had an extra special weekend, not only the graduation but he and his wife got to the Steeler game with complimentary tickets, and the Steelers won!
      Thank you for your friendship,

  6. Megan,
    This post was so touching! Thanks for sharing the story of a son who loves others enough to heal their hurts. What a blessing!

    Linda Andersen

  7. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for stopping by. We had a very memorable time. It really makes you wonder how fast the time goes by. I am blessed to have him.
    I appreciate your coming by!

  8. This is wonderful Linda! What a treasure to witness the fruit of your labor. ;) God bless you. I'm sure your influence as a Grandmother will be the same. ;) Love, Hester ;)