Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where Your Treasure Lies...

The LORD is exalted,
for He dwells on high;
 He has filled Zion
with justice and
 righteousness. Wisdom
and knowledge will
 be the stability of
your times, And the
strength of salvation;
 The fear of the
LORD is his treasure.

Isaiah 33: 5-6

Where our treasure lies, that is where our heart will be, Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:21. That resonated with me this morning, even as the hymn on the radio reminds me that He alone is a shelter in the time of the storm.

God blesses me so much when I take the time to read His Word and commune with Him in prayer. It is my own little shelter from the storms of life. I used to think these were a "have-to," but now I realize they are such a wonderful "get-to."

I get to know the mind of Christ as I delve into His Word. Right now I have so many study tools available to me, it would be to my shame to neglect them. As I dig down sometimes into the meanings of the words, I am blessed to learn more and more about my wonderful Creator.

If I have wandered from Him through some sin, why do I ever think I could hide it from Him? He knows all things, He knows my failures. He is not mad that I failed, but wants to show me that I can only please Him by total reliance on Him, and not my own meager resources. I have nothing to offer Him but coming to Him and offering myself to Him each day as a living sacrifice. The enemy would want me to fear this as a difficult and scary thing, but the more I get to know Him, I only realize more and more how reasonable it is. Instead of running from Him like Adam and Eve I can run to Him anytime, anywhere, 24/7. He is always waiting there for me.

Here are some of my beloved study tools that have helped me to grow in the grace and the knowledge of my Lord and Savior. They have helped me to see God's Word is an unfathomable treasure trove. Maybe you might be blessed by some of them too.

  • The Hebrew-Greek-Key-Word-Study- edited by Dr. Spiros Zodhiates     This Bible has a lexicon and word study aids and is most wonderful, explaining the deeper meaning of both Hebrew and Greek words. (Also available in other Bible versions.)   AMG Publishers
  • The Complete-WordStudy-Dictionary-New Testament- edited by Spiros Zodhiates   I bought a copy in the hardback edition with some money I received from my birthday. It is a huge book and explains the meaning of the words in context. Not every word is used in the same way, and Zodhiates helps you to get the closest meaning for each particular usage.  AMG Publishers
  • Interlinear-Greek-English-New-Testament- Jay P. Green, Sr.    I picked up this treasure at a rummage sale. It gives me the number from Strong's for each word. It also gives the literal translation. I use this in conjunction with the dictionary listed above. Wonderful.  Baker Books.
  • Nelsons-Cross-Reference-Guide-to the Bible    This lovely hardback gives an abundance of cross references for the entire Bible. You can get lost in studying a word or concept here.
  • New-Testament-Expanded-Translation by Kenneth Wuest    This expands the translation of the New Testament. Eerdman's Publishing Co.
  • Dake-Annotated-Reference-Bible-KJV-Publishing/   (Also available in other Bible versions.) This study Bible is packed with cross references and thousands and thousands of study notes. I don't agree with him on everything, but his work is amazing in this study Bible. I got mine on a closeout one time from CBD at a very reasonable price. But the print in my version is quite small, it is not the large print, although a large print is available. Dake Bible Sales, Inc.
These are just a few of my favorites, but I thought in sharing them it might help someone else out in their walk with the Lord. Maybe you might be able to purchase one secondhand. In knowing Jesus, the Word personified, we can have stability in such uncertain times. Though the mountains quake and are cast into the depths of the sea, we do not have to fear.  (Psalm 46:2) We can be like the noble Bereans, who searched the Scriptures daily, to see if these things were so. (Acts 17:11)

Do you have any favorite study materials you would like to share? I would love to hear them!

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