Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Take a Pause that Refreshes...

He who testifies to these things says,
"Surely I am coming quickly."
Even so, come Lord Jesus!
John 22:20

Today I want to share a poem I wrote that reflects how I feel with all the craziness of the world, and how I only feel an escape from the insanity when I pause to take a look into God's precious Word. It is the only pause in this life that refreshes.

I live in a world where there's too many choices
Surrounded, ensnared, by too many voices
So many demanders of my attention
Yet each day I lose more of my own retention
What does the future hold, how should I live?
To whom should all of my energy give?

A time of great grief, overwhelming sorrow
And yet I have hope for that day called tomorrow
It has still not appeared what yet I shall be
But when Christ appears, His face I shall see
And with all the books, great learning, and media
We'll realize that Jesus was God's one great idea

Life as I know it will from earth disappear
My jaded pursuits be suddenly clear
"It did not matter," He whispers to me
"I was the 'one thing' that mattered truly
I alway have loved you and I was enough
You didn't need people, you didn't need stuff."

I will behold the One with eyes flame of fire
And will realize at last He was all my desire.

copyright 2016 Megan Vance

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