Friday, March 19, 2010

On my Birthday, I give thanks!

Today I am 48 years old. I thought it would be neat to give God thanks for 48 things in my blog today.
1. For my human parents, who cared for me and changed my diapers,gave me a warm home to grow up and food to eat, raised me well and provided me with a college education.
2. For two wonderful sisters who are great friends as well.
3. For a faithful and devoted husband who has stuck with me over 25 years and been a great Dad to my three children.
4. For my two devoted sons and their beautiful fiancees.
5. For my daughter.
6. For a job that I love with babies and children I adore.
7. For a wonderful church where the Word of God is taught and the love of Christ is evident.
8. For a computer hookup and the freedom to write about my faith.
9. For friends in the faith that I have met online.
10. For my Bibles.
11. For health to get up and go to work each day.
12. For good medical coverage and chiropractic care.
13. For a roof over my head that is paid for.
14. For a car that is paid for and runs well.
15. For the ability to write stories, articles and poetry.
16. For old friends like my friend Tammy who has been true over all these years.
17. For the fact that each day I have food to eat.
18. For my body which has been fearfully and wonderfully made.
19. For getting us through this rough winter and the crocuses blooming outside.
20. For mercies that are new every morning.
21. For a comfortable bed to sleep on.
22. For a comforter that is sleep-inducing.
23. For solid Bible teachers like Dr. Chuck Missler.
24. For my pastor, Scott Warne, and his humility and laying down his life to teach us.
25. For organizations like Voice of the Martyrs, Persecution Project and many others that are sharing the gospel and helping suffering believers.
26. For my husband working so hard over the years to provide for me and the children.
27. For the Word of God which whose promises are sure and which will never pass away.
28. That I heard the gospel on that little blue transistor radio in my bed all those years ago and decided to accept Jesus as my Savior before my heart could grow hard.
29. For Mrs. Paraskos and the Good News Club that she held all those years ago and her encouragement to me in my young faith.
30. For the dear brother in Iowa who sent me the Bible correspondence course all those years ago and personally answered all those questions I hammered him with.
31. For the lady from the campus ministry at Alderson-Broaddus who helped me through dark times.
32. For the Campus Crusade Ministry at Pitt and Michelle, Lynn and Gretchen who took an interest in helping a mixed up backsliding believer like me with one foot with Christ and one foot in the world.
33. For the pastor who first taught me the grace of God, Pastor Rick Knapp.
34. For the fact that I was able to stay at home with my young children and home educate them, and share the wonder of God's creation with their young minds.
35. For Focus on the Family for publishing my first children's story.
36. For God letting me discover how much I loved writing.
37. For all the innumerable spiritual blessings I have "in Him".
38. For a home in heaven that will never be corrupted.
39. That one day I will see my Redeemer face to face.
40. That I will get to fellowship with all those faith heroes who have gone before.
41. For my friend Judy whose love and friendship has been constant for 20 years and who gave me marriage saving advice.
42. For neighbors and friends in a safe community.
43. For my son Jesse who looks out for his mom and is available to drive me to medical tests, entertains me with his guitar and crazy antics,and helps out his Dad.
44. That God is working for the good all the trials in my life.
45. That the time is winding down for Christ's return to this planet.
46. That Jesus personally had me in His mind when He went to the cross 2,000 years ago, enduring the wrath of God and not despising the shame of hanging naked on the cross.
47. That God has spared my life on numerous occasions when I have done stupid things.
48. That I am sitting here today, a real live person, not a fly on the wall or a rock, and that I have eternal life right now, right this minute and that nothing, nothing can separate me from the love of Jesus. THANK YOU LORD JESUS!